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Le fromage 🧀

Say cheese! -

Salut à tou.te.s,

What is there to say about cheese, other than the fact that it is delicious and that it makes you smile on pictures? Well, a lot obviously. Where does it come from? What is a good cheese? To that question, the medieval book "Le Ménagier de Paris" answers: "Neither Argos, nor Helena, nor Maria Magdalena, but Lazarus and Martin, with the heaviness of a pontiff". Let's figure out together what that means! (Subtitles are available in French and English by clicking on the CC button on the YouTube control bar).

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- Tuesday August 29, 2023

- Sunday September 3, 2023

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Good news📚

Who's up for reading French books together? But before we start a book club, here are a couple of questions:


Word of the week: "épicerie", nom féminin

• Commerce, magasin où l’on vend des produits de consommation courante. ⇄ grocery store


- (fr) « Le fromage, pilier de la gastronomie française »:


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