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Ousmane Sembène 🇸🇳

Why is he considered the father of African cinema? -

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Pour célébrer le mois de l'histoire noire, en parlant français et en regardant de bons films, prenons un moment pour se plonger dans l'incroyable œuvre d'Ousmane Sembène. Sembène, considéré comme le père du cinéma africain, était un écrivain et cinéaste politiquement et socialement engagé. Il a réalisé des romans et des films puissants à partir des années 1950 jusqu'à sa mort en 2007. Son héritage perdurera encore longtemps.

To celebrate Black History Month, by speaking French and watching good films, let's take a moment to delve into the incredible work of Ousmane Sembène. Sembène, considered the father of African cinema, was a politically and socially engaged writer and filmmaker. He produced powerful novels and films from the 1950s until his death in 2007. His legacy will live on for a long time.

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  • Watch this short video about Ousmane Sembène: (Subtitles are available in French and English by clicking on the CC button on the YouTube control bar).

  • Suggested full movie to watch: La Noire de… (Black Girl) - 1966 (also available with a subscription on The Criterion Channel)

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