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Jeanne d'Arc ⚔️

Mad, lucky or genius? -

Bonjour à tou.te.s,

From age 17 to 19, Joan of Arc had the most intense three years ever, beating any modern rock star. She heard voices, saved her country, put the King on the throne, became an icon (still now)… her résumé is impressive. She is an inspiration to many people for her courage and determination, and a muse to many artists and filmmakers over the centuries.

Conversation preparation:

  1. Watch the short video about Joan of Arc: (subtitles are available in French and English by clicking on the CC button on the Youtube control bar).

  2. Prepare one question.

Join us in this week's sessions:

  • Tuesday January 23, 2024

  • Sunday January 28, 2024

Bonne semaine et à bientôt,


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