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Clovis 1er 👑

The First King of France -

Salut à tou.te.s,

Cruel, legendary, violent, powerful, intelligent. So many adjectives that could be attributed to this mythical figure. Clovis was real for sure, but we actually don't know much about him due to a great lack of written sources from the late 5th century AD. Anything can be said about him, especially if it helps to found the history of the French monarchy on heroic foundations. One thing is certain, though, he is the pivotal figure between Roman Gaul and medieval France. (Subtitles are available in French and English by clicking on the CC button on the YouTube control bar).

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Traditional News🗞️

European countries are well-known for having quite peculiar traditions. Running away from bulls in the streets, making human pyramids, parading with giant feathers throwing away oranges,… Here is another lesser-known, yet equally random one dating from 1345: Pourquoi la France livre-t-elle trois vaches à l’Espagne chaque année ?

Word of the week, "foi", nom féminin

• Fait de croire quelqu’un, de lui accorder de la crédibilité ; fait d’avoir confiance en quelque chose. ⇄ belief · formal credence

• Confiance totale que l’on accorde à quelqu’un, confiance absolue en quelque chose. ⇄ faith · trust

• Promesse de respecter ses engagements, loyauté. ⇄ word · faith · belief · trust


- (fr) Histoire & Découvertes: “Somptueux Moyen-Âge”, p.12


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