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Champagne for everyone 🥂

Joyeuses fêtes et bonne année! -

Salut à tou.te.s,

Wrapping up 2023, a little look in the rearview mirror to appreciate and reflect on all the topics we have managed to fit in together! I wanted to send a huge thank you to all of you, regulars, less regulars to the conversations, followers of the newsletter, podcasts and YouTube topics videos. And of course, members of the newly created salon littéraire!

In 2024, we'll keep the best of what already exists, and add even more novelties (topics, comparisons, opinions, exciting questions…). If you enjoyed this year and think someone else would too, share the group with them! And why not, put a small gift package for 4 sessions under the Christmas tree :)

Sessions will resume on January 2.

Bonnes fêtes et à bientôt,



Salon littéraire📚

"La danseuse arrivait, le matin, à sept heures quarante-cinq, gare du Nord. Ensuite le métro jusqu'à la place de Clichy. Le bâtiment du studio Wacker était vétuste. Au rez-de-chaussée, une dizaine de pianos d'occasion, rangés en désordre comme dans un dépôt. Aux étages, une sorte de cantine avec un bar et les studios de danse. Elle prenait des cours avec Boris Kniaseff, un Russe que l'on considérait comme l'un des meilleurs professeurs... Une odeur particulière de vieux bois, de lavande et de sueur".

From Nobel Prize and Goncourt winner Patrick Modiano, "La Danseuse" has been highly acclaimed as soon as it was released in October this year. No wonder it was in the "Le Monde" selection of the best books of 2023. And that's probably just the beginning!

Sign up here for the two sessions on January 18th and February 1st.

Weirdest neologism of the year: "sobrelier, -ère", nom

• mot-valise constitué de "sobre" (sober) et "sommelier, -ère"


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