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Napoléon ♟️

Napoléon, oui ou non ? -

Salut à tou.te.s,

Stanley Kubrick dreamt of it, Ridley Scott did it. A blockbuster biopic on Napoléon, the highly controversial historical figure, was released at the end of November simultaneously in the US, UK and Europe. If you haven't seen it yet, no worries, there are hundreds of other smaller releases, plenty to get to know this military general of the French Revolution, self-proclaimed emperor after conquering half of Europe. Let's compare together the countless progresses and regressions under his reign. (Subtitles are available in French and English by clicking on the CC button on the YouTube control bar).

Join us in this week's sessions:

  • Tuesday December 5, 2023

  • Thursday December 7, 2023

  • Sunday December 10, 2023

Bonne semaine et à bientôt,



Macabre news💀

Word of the week, "progrès", nom masculin

• Amélioration, développement en bien. ⇄ progress · improvement

• Passage graduel à un état supérieur. ⇄ (criminalité) increase · (maladie) progression

• Le progrès : développement de la civilisation, de l’humanité. ⇄ progress


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